Sea Of Tunes are a tribute to the wonderful melodies and songs of The Beach Boys.

Based in Perth, Western Australia.

Ride the wave of hits such as Surfin USA, Good Vibrations, Help Me Rhonda and Fun Fun Fun.  Dig the soulful melodies and brilliant songwriting of one of the most beloved American rock bands of the 20th century.

Sea of Tunes consists of six musicians from the Perth indie music scene.  All members have been in original bands for over a decade each, but bonded over their love of The Beach Boys and appreciation of the songwriting genius of Brian Wilson.

Sea of Tunes play all the hits and more.  Covering the early 60s surf tunes, the majesty of Pet Sounds era orchestral pop, through to the 70s rock classics (ok, there’s a pretty famous 80s hit in the set too).

Sea of Tunes bring The Beach Boys’ music to life and create loving interpretations of the hits that everyone knows and the album tracks that fans dig.

Sea of Tunes: the perfect live act for your summer event.




For bookings please contact:

Luke Rinaldi

0417 967 136


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